Metal Roofing

We pride ourselves on helping you choose the right colors, paint systems, fastener system, and panel system depending on your specific needs.

Metal Roofing

A roof is the most important part of a building. Thus, you need a roof that not only has high aesthetic and protection value, but it can also stand the test of time. Texas roofs are prone to damages caused to due to rain, hailstorm and other weather elements. We, at Swan Roofing, recommend usage of highest quality roofing Metal to extend the longevity of the roof. We can help you get the latest metal roofing Metal as per your need and budget.

Moreover, we recommend regular inspection of roofs to rule out potential damages. Our experienced and certifiedmetal roofing contractors can inspect your roof and gutters free of charge. If we come across any leakage or damage to your roof, we will do the repair work in a professional manner. We have the r ight roofing Metal and equipment needed to offer prompt and proficient roofing services.

Notwithstanding the budget and size of the project, our dedication to quality and attention to detail remains the same. Our endeavors to provide the best roofing solutions and metal roofing Metal have helped us garner the trust and appreciation of our clients. Our unswerving commitment and determination, to become the best metal roofing company in, Dallas and other parts of Texas, have been the driving force behind our success.

Contact Swan for a free consultation with one of our metal roofing experts. From the moment, we take up your project, you’ll know why Swan Roofing is the best steel roofing company you can associate with.

Green & Clean

Today more customers expect their roofing company to be socially conscious. At Swan Roofing, we have been a leader in providing green roofing solutions such as shingle recycling, energy efficient products, radiant barriers and solar panel installation. We have seen the materials, standards and techniques for being green improve tremendously over the past years and we are proud to be on the cutting edge of this important industry improvement. Ensuring that the materials used to repair or replace your roof are not damaging to the environment is part of our responsibility to our clients and community. The products we use meet the highest green standards, and whenever possible they are locally produced, can be renewed easily, or recycled