Dear Swan Roofing LLC

My name is Howard Murray and I want to take the time to comment on my experience in dealing with one of your Sales agents, Jimmy Kissamitakis.

It is rare in the service industry that you come across an individual so committed to ensuring that the client gets exactly what they are contracting for and are completely satisfied when the job is finished. This is what I received with Jimmy as a representative of Swan Roofing.

From the very first time I met him as a referral from my next door neighbor, he was professional, attentive, prompt in his appointments and keenly interested in my needs. Our first interaction occurred in May of this year and the job was not completed until yesterday.  Throughout this entire time period Jimmy met all of my requests and inquiries for additional information.  This represented dropping off samples, providing pictures of completed roofing jobs, intimately explaining the GAF Gold Pledge Warranty, patiently awaiting my decision (contract signed 2-weeks ago) to go with either a designer shingle, impact resistant shingle or the installation of metal roofing. Jimmy never used pressure tactics, was completely honest and transparent in providing me cost information and met or exceeded each and everyone of my requirements to provide me the most experience staff available to perform the job  Without question he over delivered!

His propensity for detail and his desire to understand my needs and expectations rivaled only my own characteristics and it is for this reason we were always on the same page from the beginning to the end of the project.

I can honestly say that without question, I have the best looking roof in my sub-division and that is a credit to Jimmy, your staff and your company.  From Cristiano (Crew Chief), Caesar (Metal Chief) and all of the other workers who had a hand in the job, I applaud them for their dedication, hard work and professionalism in carrying out their responsibilities. One important note to add…each evening they flawlessly cleaned up around my house any fallen debris, loose nails, shingles, etc to have my home not look like a construction site.

The service I received is a credit to the leadership provided by the owners of Swan Roofing. One of the first things Jimmy and I talked about that was so important to me was the integrity and honesty that Swan Roofing was bringing to the table in dealing with its customers.  So often you hear this when dealing with sales agents and in goes in one ear and right out the other. However, with Swan I can see it is the fabric of your DNA.  It is what you stand for, it is what you believe in, it is what you deliver.

In closing just let me say thank you for proving me exceptional sales, service and warranty protection for my roof.  Your company is so fortunate to have a person of Jimmy’s capabilities and integrity in selling your services.

As I told Jimmy, God forbid if I ever have another need for a roofing project, there is no listening to other roofing company offers, or their estimates or putting up with the many “storm chasers” knocking on my door. There is only one company in the DFW Metroplex hat I will ever consider touching my roof for either full installation or repairs and that is Swan Roofing LLC. Please make sure Jimmy is still there if I ever have further roofing needs!

Best Regards,

H. Murray, McKinney Texas