Insurance Assistance

Insurance Repairs Assistance  Insurance repairs are our forte. Our experienced team will help guide you through out the entire repair process. We will meet with you and your insurance adjuster to answer any questions or concerns.

Insurance Assistance You Will Love


Problem Found

We will help answer any questions your insurance adjuster might have regarding Swan’s proposed scope of work for repair.


We will coordinate a one-on-one meeting with your insurance adjuster to answer any home damage questions to help expedite their service.

Working Together

The day you approve Swan to help with your repairs, you initially become part of the Swan family. We will work closely with you to help answer any questions or concerns you might have during the repair process.

Green & Clean

Today more customers expect their roofing company to be socially conscious. At Swan Roofing, we have been a leader in providing green roofing solutions such as shingle recycling, energy efficient products, radiant barriers and solar panel installation. We have seen the materials, standards and techniques for being green improve tremendously over the past years and we are proud to be on the cutting edge of this important industry improvement. Ensuring that the materials used to repair or replace your roof are not damaging to the environment is part of our responsibility to our clients and community. The products we use meet the highest green standards, and whenever possible they are locally produced, can be renewed easily, or recycled