Dear Swan Roofing LLC

Swan Roofing know how EXCELLENT my roofing experience was with Jimmy “Kiss.”  I had just gone through a 2 1/2 month remodel that turned out to be a nightmare (dealing with my contractor and subcontractor), so I know what I’m talking about!  Jimmy made my roofing process smooth and easy.

My State Farm Insurance agent’s office gave me 3 roofing companies they recommended.  I called those 3 for quotes.  You and 1 other responded.  The difference, from the get go, was like night and day between Jimmy and the guy from the other roofing company.  Jimmy was hands on, got on the roof and took pics of everything, patiently explained the process to me and EVERY single time we talked, ASSURED me everything was going to be OK.  And IT WAS!

I could already see what kind of customer service I would get from him.  Jimmy really DID go above and beyond in every way.  He was true to his word.

I would recommend Jimmy with Swan Roofing to ANY of my friends who ever need a good roofing company.  He has so much integrity.  I would trust him to do the right thing in any situation.  Jimmy is probably the best “service” person I have ever worked with, and I was in Customer Service for probably 20 years.  I feel blessed for getting to work with Jimmy.  He is definitely a huge asset to your company and I hope you realize what a rare treasure he is.

Extremely happy and satisfied,

Jacqueline Byers
Flower Mound, TX