Dear Swan Roofing LLC

Very seldom do we provide a review of performance for an individual or company. Swan Roofing recently replaced our roof, helped us with a contractor recommendation for rebuilding our chimney, and coordinating the power washing and staining of our fence. This review concerns not only Swan Roofing, but also for your representative, Jimmy Kissamitakis.

We contacted Swan Roofing and two other reputable roofing companies provided by our insurance company. Representatives from all three companies were interviewed; however, we were so comfortable Jimmy Kissamitakis’ knowledge and helpfulness that we did not follow-up with bids from the other two companies. Our assessment proved accurate.

After delaying the roof replacement for almost two months, we contacted Jimmy and he was on top of our previous discussions and what was to be performed. Jimmy came to our house to personally walk us through what was needed for the insurance company and when insurance funding and payments would be required. In addition, Jimmy kept us informed as to when construction would start, who would be our secondary contact, and what would happen during construction process.

Jimmy also made sure that the company performing construction on the chimney presented the bid in a timely manner, coordinated the timing, and insured the work was completed as agreed. He also coordinated the completion of power washing and staining the fence. Everything was communicated to us well in advance, which allowed completion of all aspects of the work in a timely and stress-free manner. The roof construction required some rearranging of the gutters. Even after two weeks we noticed some of the leaf-guards needed some adjusting. We called Jimmy and he come out and immediately took care of the leaf-guard problem.

Any company that employs representatives like Jimmy Kissamitakis is top notch and deserves high reviews. Jimmy provides a high level trust and comfort in a customer cautious industry, which should be recognized and rewarded. In addition, the city sent an inspector to review the roofing construction, and, after finding out who performed the work, indicated that your company does it right and checks their own work.

Congratulations for a job done well.